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Do you look in the mirror and notice that your lips appear smaller than they used to?  Do they look paler?  This is not an illusion.  Throughout life, we do not tend to our lips with the same respect as we do for our skin.  The vermillion contour can become white and patchy looking, making lips look dehydrated and smaller.  A lip liner tattoo naturally restores lost contour, rediscovering the fullness that never really disappeared at all.  This treatment enables clients to then apply their favourite lip colour within the enhanced shape with the liner lasting many years, requiring only minor refreshes over time.

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    Julia does not subscribe to fashions or trends.  Every permanent makeup treatment is uniquely designed and carried out for you and only you.  Whatever complements best is what you receive. Even more importantly, natural, soft, healed results are always the aim whether you get your lips, eyeliner or brows done. Post-service care is heavily prioritized to ensure clients are pleased with their results.  Come in for a consultation and find out what you have been missing and how Julia can help.

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