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Far more than a cosmetic tattoo, a permanent eyeliner treatment makes your eyes radiate.  With advanced training and deep knowledge of comfort control, Julia can complete your eyeliner treatment often in a single session, though a second is always scheduled to address any required adjustments.  Styles include subtle and natural, classic—with or without a wing, and intense and dramatic.  Highly customisable with shape and color, a permanent eyeliner is long lasting, safe and requires little maintenance other than a color refresh as desired.  Clients are kept comfortable throughout service with topical anesthetic.

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    Julia does not subscribe to fashions or trends.  Every permanent makeup treatment is uniquely designed and carried out for you and only you.  Whatever complements best is what you receive. Even more importantly, natural, soft, healed results are always the aim.  Post-service care is heavily prioritized to ensure clients are pleased with their results.  Come in for a consultation and find out what you have been missing and how Julia can help.

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