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Crunched for time? Poor eyesight or shaky hands?  Sparse or over tweezed brows?  In need of a more complementary shape?  Permanent Eyebrows elevate your facial features and frames your eyes perfectly.  This two-session service involves a careful pre-draw and colour choice, and the application of your new brows in about 90 minutes.  On healing, after 6 weeks Julia amplifies the colour and when complete, you may enjoy your brows for anywhere from 2 to 4 years, all depending on how you care for them and what technique is selected.   This minimally invasive beauty treatment eliminates or stalls any thoughts of a brow or eye lift.  It truly does make that significant of a difference.

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    Julia does not subscribe to fashions or trends.  Every permanent makeup treatment is uniquely designed and carried out for you and only you.  Whatever complements best is what you receive. Even more importantly, natural, soft, healed results are always the aim.  Post-service care is heavily prioritized to ensure clients are pleased with their results.  So whether you want microblading, ombre brows or comb brows, come in for a consultation and find out what you have been missing and how Julia can help.

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