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Permanent makeup is changing lives and restoring lost confidence.  Outside of the effects on our skin, aging results in our brows becoming thinner, our lips appearing smaller and our eyes changing.  With the safe and gentle addition of one or more permanent makeup treatments, time is reversed, and your beautiful features are elevated.  Julia does not subscribe to fashions or trends. 

Every permanent makeup treatment is uniquely designed and carried out for you and only you.  Whatever complements best is what you receive. Even more importantly, natural, soft, healed results are always the aim.  Post-service care is heavily prioritized to ensure clients are pleased with their results.  Come in for a consultation and find out what you have been missing and how Julia can help.

Julia Pawlak

Background on our PMU artist

I will never forget the mixture of nerves and excitement I felt on starting my business as a permanent makeup artist! I started with no money, no savings and no beauty background, and this is my story of how I became a PMU.

In 2013 I decided now was the time to invest in my training and my future. I had the dream of being able to help women to look and feel better and help empower them.  Around that time, I started losing my eyebrow hair. They became thin and sparse, which was made worse when I exercised as I would lose hair from sweating – I was beginning to lose them completely. I decided to get my eyebrows done with PMU and booked my appointment. I was excited, but it was a disaster!! They looked so bad after my treatment that I ended up spending more money to laser them off – now I know to do my research before getting any treatments done.

I wanted to do what the PMU artist did, but better! I would bring women the confidence to look and feel better, so they didn’t have the same experience I did. I decided to invest my tax return into a beginner’s PMU course in Poland.

When I came back to the UK, I had my qualification and I got the PMU equipment and two pigments. I started practicing every day between shifts at work and at night before bed. When I was ready, I asked some of my friends if they would be models for me, and I had to use my bed as the treatment table. I was so determined and desperate to start somewhere it had to be this way, but I knew I would get a beauty bed when I started properly. Once I had saved up enough to buy one, I started working from home as a PMU artist on a Sunday which was my only day off.

To help me get into the business, I went to Lancaster for my first PMU masterclass on ombre brows. Here I met one of my best friends and a lovely lady called Christine who was impressed with my work and offered me spaces in her salon for a percentage. I was now so happy; my hard work was paying off!

I transformed my bedroom into a treatment room so I could work from home and quit all my other jobs. I could finally concentrate on being a PMU artist full time. Some of my clients would ask where I slept as the house was so small, and I would tell them I slept in the treatment room! I would get up early and properly clean and transform the room into a treatment room for my clients. Of course, it wasn’t easy, but I was finally doing what made me happy!

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